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3 June 2003 - Today I have deleted most of this page as part of my closing down sequence. If you feel that you are related to me and have an interest in the descendants of John Marsh please contact me direct at
Bill Marsh

My Marsh family does not have a long history in Folkestone. Nevertheless, members  have played their parts in the shaping of the city. The story of the family begins with John Marsh, my gt grandfather, who settled there about 1860. Descendants of John are now scattered around Britain and the world.  A series of pages will cover the families of John's children in stories and pictures. There will be regular additions as I get time to review and formalize my material.
Bill Marsh, November 2002.

John Marsh (1840-1901)

John was the 11th child and 4th son of George & Mary(Fagg) Marsh of Denton. He was a grandson of Abraham & Sarah (Young)Marsh, a thatcher See Barham - 1