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Bill Marsh, 24 Jan 2002.


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The map above (5-mile squares) of south-eastern Kent shows my principal areas of interest, centered on Barham. Detailed maps of Barham can be found at two sites linked on my Favorite Links page.

A View of Barham St. in Barham - Probably Early 20th Century.
Photo Courtesy Mrs.Pam Dray

A Closer Look at The Duke of Cumberland Pub
The Proprietor in 1881 Was Mary Anne Stevens.

Why Barham? Many of my ancestors, including my No.1 man, William Marsh born about 1550, lived in the Barham area. Thus, I consider Barham my root source. From Barham, William's descendants moved ever outward toward the coastal areas in the south-east and toward London in a north-west direction. Many stopped over in towns and villages on the way and stayed just a short while, others settled for the long haul, thus my relatives can be found at ever-expanding locations outward from Barham.

Barham is in a strategic position between Dover & Canterbury and many historic events occurred there.
On Barham Down:
- The Britons fought the Romans.
- Kentish men swore fealty to William the Conquerer.
- King John encamped with 50,000 men.
- King Henry VI after being crowned in France was met by a large assembly of people.
- Civil War troops assembled for an attack on Dover Castle .
- In 1799, 18000 troops were assembled before embarking for Holland - 38 infants born at the camp were baptized in           Barham  Church.
- Troops were assembled during the Napoleonic War.
- Had its uses during WW1 and WW2.

You will find mention of Barham in many parts of this Web site

A Contemporary View of Barham Down

Pay a visit to the Barham Village Web site, you will find a listing of Barham baptisms from 1701 to 1908 posted there.

Barham Village