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November 2002
Sgt. Paul Marsh Waits to be Presented with a Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Medal
Paul has Since been Promoted to Staff Sergeant


Are you looking for RCMP pictures? There is another of Paul below and others on my Site History, page; more will be added. You may also wish to visit the RCMP Web Site - Learn about and see pictures of the Musical Ride.

Some Notes About Our Family.

Fay & Bill met while working at RCAF Station St Margarets, New Brunswick, Canada - a Pinetree Line Radar Site. Fay was a resident of the nearby town of Newcastle and worked as a cypher clerk at St Margarets; Bill was the NCO i/c Radar Maintenance. Bill served with the RAF in England during WW2. After immigrating to Canada in 1948, he spent 20 years with the RCAF. As a Telecommunications Officer, Bill held positions at the Central Officers School, AF Headquarters, National Defence Headquarters and, on an officer exchange, at RRE Malvern, England. Upon retirement from the RCAF, Bill accepted a position with Northern Telecom and later Bell-Northern Research in Ottawa - a seven-year period - and then went solo, working under contracts. At the same time, he set up and operated a music retail business with the help of Fay. Fay and Bill are now enjoying retirement

Hugh our eldest, unmarried, is an improvisational violinist. You can read much about his career by visiting sites to be found on our Favorite Links page.

Fergus is another professional musician, married to Lynn, a Baptist Church minister. They have one son Luke.

Peter, unattached, lives and works in Switzerland. A great lover of animals he is pictured with Clyde. Peter also enjoys sports; he is active with an ice-hockey team and skis.

Paul is the twin brother of Peter. This year, 2000, he completed 20 years with the RCMP: his picture in uniform was taken at the time of his graduation from the RCMP Academy. Paul has served in various capacities across Canada and with the UN in Haiti. Currently he is employed as a media relations officer at RCMP Headquarters in Ottawa. Paul is married to Roxane and they have two daughters; Keisha and Miriam.

Fay & Bill

                                   Hugh                                                   Lynn, Luke & Fergus                                               Fergus

Peter & Clyde                                                         Paul   

Christmas 2002
Miriam, Roxane, Paul, Keisha

Peter, Fergus, Paul & Hugh